Opposition Transport Policy

03 December 2013

I take this opportunity to congratulate the Leader of the Opposition and member for Mulgrave in the Assembly, Daniel Andrews, and the shadow cabinet on delivering its promise to provide Victorians with a real plan for the future of transport in Victoria. Project 10 000 will directly generate 10 000 jobs in this state - hence the name. It will double the size of the city loop by building the Melbourne metro rail and remove 50 of the most dangerous and congested level crossings on the metropolitan rail network.
I emphasis what Project 10 000 will deliver for the west. Over the next two decades the number of commercial vehicles travelling across the West Gate Bridge is set to double.
Project 10 000 will pull 5000 trucks a day off the West Gate Bridge, and the provision of a dedicated truck route to the docks will not only increase efficiency but remove trucks from inner western suburb roads. Additionally, some of the worst level crossings in the west will be removed, such as the level crossing in Main Street, St Albans.
Project 10 000 is a responsible, reasonable and requisite plan for Victoria. Yet again, it is Labor that offers Victorians a vision for the future of our fine state.