Andrews Labor Government Victorian Economic Achievements

Andrews Labor Government Victorian Economic Achievements Main Image

The Andrews Government has made significant investments in multiple projects and initiatives across the Western Metropolitan Region especially in the areas of education, health and infrastructure.

Education, Training & Skills

In education, training & skills for the West the Andrews Government has:

Invested $308.79 million in facility upgrades for 34 local primary, secondary and specialist schools across the Western Metropolitan Region

Invested in land acquisition and new construction for 18 schools across the Western Metropolitan Region as part of a $147.3 million-dollar budget package in 20/21 & a $491.57 million-dollar Victorian budget package in 21/22

Delivered $169.6 million to fund three- and four-year sessional kinder for 2021 meaning kinder kids are learning for free the year. Helping families on average save around $2000 per child

Committed $20.5 million to increasing access to Tech Schools in Wyndham

Committed a $383.8 million investment in our skills, training and higher education sector in Victoria to make quality education and training more accessible to more Victorians as part of the 21/22 budget

Planned upgrades to TAFE campuses through the Building Better TAFE’s fund, to deliver up to an extra 12,200 training places - 7,400 in TAFEs



In health for the West the Andrews Government has:

Committed $1.5 billion to deliver a new public hospital in Footscray

Invested $34.9 million for the expansion of Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department

Funded land acquisition and construction of the new Point Cook Community Hospital and the new Sunbury Community Hospital

Committed funding for land acquisition, planning and early works to begin delivery of the new Melton Hospital

Committed funding for Women’s Health Services - Women's Health West

Announced a record investment of $3.8 billion in Mental Health across Victoria as part of the 21/22 Victorian Budget


Transport, Major Projects & Infrastructure

The Andrews Government has invested and commenced:

Level crossing removal projects (plus a stabling facility) for 13 of the most dangerous crossings in the Western Metropolitan Region

The Sunbury Road upgrade as part of $2.1 billion investment package to upgrade 13 key arterial routes across the northern and south-eastern suburbs

The Sunbury Rail Line upgrade as part of a $2.1 billion investment package including platform extensions, train stabling modifications and rail track and power upgrades to enable bigger, more modern trains to run on the line

As part of the Western Rail Project a $130 million investment from the Victorian and Australian governments for detailed engineering and design work for the planning for Melbourne Airport Rail and a $2 billion dollar commitment from the Victorian Government for the Geelong Fast Rail plan

Completed work on the $1.8 billion Western Roads Upgrade. A comprehensive program of road upgrades and maintenance in the West which improved 8 main roads across the West, repairing and resurfacing 37 roads and strengthening seven structures most notably bridges

A $6.7 billion investment for the West Gate Tunnel Project to deliver a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge

New construction for a Specialist Family Violence Court in Sunshine as part of a $78 million-dollar budget investment and $271.13 million for new construction of Wyndham Law Courts and $26.87 million to redevelop the Sunshine Law Courts

A $100.00 million investment to improve the Calder Freeway 

Early works investment of $13.78 million for the Ison Road Rail Overpass 

$94 million will be invested in the Melton and Wyndham Vale corridor to enable higher capacity trains, including nine-car VLocity trains