01 January 2016

The Report and its findings continue to be based largely on subjective assumptions of those conducting the inquiry rather than evidence that has passed clear tests for a standard of proof that would substantiate a prosecution let alone a conviction. The Commission itself observes that it is not bound by the rules of evidence and that much of the evidence that it has received would not have been admissible in a tribunal governed by the strict rules of evidence.
As I have said previously I recognise the process of clearing my name may take some time. While I continue to fight to clear my name I will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that these accusations are subject to the scrutiny of a properly constituted court of law where the appropriate standards of evidence and process are observed.
My actions as a union leader always had the interests of our members at heart, there is no suggestion in any of the recommendations that I have personally profited from my role in the Australian Workers Union. During my time as Victorian Secretary of the AWU, members enjoyed some of the best advances in pay and conditions of any workers anywhere in Australia.
I welcome any investigation by a proper Authority and I will fully cooperate in this process. I continue to vehemently deny any wrongdoing.
I will continue performing my current role as the Member of the Western Metropolitan region accurately representing my constituents.
In light of the possibility of further investigation by the appropriate Authority, I will not be making any further comments on this matter and I ask everyone to respect due process which needs to take its course before any judgement is delivered.