West Gate Tunnel Project

West Gate Tunnel Project Main Image

The West Gate Tunnel Project will deliver a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge. It will provide:

  • a second river crossing
  • quicker and safer journeys for road users
  • remove thousands of trucks from residential streets
  • is expected to create over 500 direct jobs in their peak construction phase with over 6,000 jobs across multiple sectors for the entire project

The project is a partnership between the Victorian Government and Transurban and will be built by construction contractors CPB Contractors and John Holland (CPBJH JV).

The project will consist of the following upgrades:


  • Four extra lanes between the M80 Ring Road and Williamstown Road
  • Entry and exit portals to the West Gate Tunnel
  • Ventilation structure at the tunnel exit
  • Interchange upgrades at the M80 Ring Road, Grieve Parade, Millers Road and Williamstown Road
  • Ramps to Hyde Street to connect trucks directly with local industry
  • More than 9km of new noise walls
  • New walking and cycling paths
  • Pedestrian bridges replacing two of the existing overpasses
  • Freeway Management System to support good traffic flow and safety
  • New open spaces and planting thousands of trees and other plants in the freeway area.



  • Twin tunnels under Yarraville between the West Gate Freeway and the Maribyrnong River
  • Entry and exit portals where the tunnels connect with surface roads
  • Ventilation structures at each tunnel exit to remove air from inside the tunnels
  • Walking and cycling paths on Hyde Street, Harris Street, Maribyrnong Street and a bridge over Whitehall Street
  • New landscaped open space in Altona North and Footscray
  • Freeway Management System to support good traffic flow and safety
  • Tunnel safety features for smooth operation of the tunnel, including automatic detection for over-height trucks, fire systems and emergency access and exits.


Port to City

A bridge over the Maribyrnong River to connect the tunnels with an elevated road above Footscray Road

  • Ramps to the port at MacKenzie Road and Appleton Dock Road for direct freeway access
  • Elevated roadway connecting to CityLink, Dynon Road and Footscray Road, running above the centre of Footscray Road
  • Walking and cycling paths for quicker and safer cycling to the city with a new veloway and bridges over Footscray Road and Moonee Ponds Creek
  • Wurundjeri Way extension and widening – an extra lane in each direction and extending Wurundjeri Way north to Dynon Road to create a city bypass
  • Freeway Management System to improve traffic flow and safety
  • New open spaces near Moonee Ponds Creek and planting thousands of trees and other plants near walking and cycling paths and waterways.


For more information visit https://westgatetunnelproject.vic.gov.au/